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Alt Login solution works great! Thank you!

Jason, 07.01.2014, 23:20
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Alt Login question: conditional display?

Is there a way to only display the Sign in as Different User to a specific group? Our shop floor computers use common logins that require our machinists to Sign in as Different User to be able to access their My Sites. If possible, I would like...
Response from the site administrator
Colin, 06.08.2014
Hi Michael, the current version of Alt Login has been designed to be as simple as possible and sadly does not support what you are after. This is a good idea though and I see how it might be useful so I'll make sure it gets added to the feature request list. Thanks for your feedback
Michael Chambers, 06.08.2014, 00:17
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Solution Manager does not show all solutions

It seems solutions manager does not show all solutions on the Deploy tab to allow me to Deploy all required solutions to the appropriate webapps ... noticed the same behavior in my 2010 and 2013 farms. On 2013 I do have vers set to ALL but it...
Mike Baalman, 29.08.2013, 13:36
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Alt Login activated, but does not work

Using the sandbox solution, it is activated and the Site Collection Feature is also activated. In IE 11, it does prompt for authentication, but it doesn't actually redraw the page. I have to re-enter the URL and the page is displayed. The prompt...
Response from the site administrator
Colin, 29.04.2014
Hi there and thanks for your feedback. We have now released a new version of Alt Login. Actually there are now multiple versions of the same solution but each scoped at a different level i.e. Farm, Web Application, Site Collection and Site Collection Sandbox. The idea is that you pick the solution that best suits your needs.

We have no other feedback about issues with the Sandbox version in IE11 but the issue with Chrome was known and has now been addressed in this latest release.

Please let us know how you get on.
Scott S, 16.04.2014, 06:03
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Upgrade is sensitive to case

When upgrading solution, Solution Manager looks for an existing solution depending on the filename but it is case sensitive. Example : mysolution.sharepoint.wsp is present in the store, if I try to upgrade with a file named...
Response from the site administrator
Colin, 13.06.2014
Hi David,
I'm assuming that what you'd like to see is for Solution Manager to do a case-insensitive check on the solution file name and perform an upgrade if a match is found. I guess the alternative would be just to report to the user that the solution names don't exactly match.
We'll look into it and report back - thanks for you feedback. If you have any other ideas for improvement please let us know.
David HOCQUET, 12.06.2014, 18:35
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Requirements on a Target Library?

When configuring a Primary Location, it says in your manual (p 65) that the Archive Library drop-down will show 'all the lists or libraries that are acceptable as the Target List'. In my case the drop-down is empty. What are the requirements for...
Response from the site administrator
Colin, 20.09.2014
For the benefit of others we are talking here about the configuration of a target location for the Archivist module of Kaboodle Renditions.

To answer you question directly, any non-hidden document library in the target location web site is considered an acceptable target list i.e. a standard SharePoint document library which will used to receive the documents you are archiving from elsewhere.

When you specify the Web Site Source location the Archive Library drop down list should be loaded with set of available document libraries on the specified site. If the list is empty (as in your case) then either the site contains no document libraries or something else is wrong with the configuration.

In the case of the former please simply create a new document library which can then be selected as the archive target location. In the case of the later then please email the support team at support@kaboodle-software.com and we will be happy to give you more assistance in getting Renditions up and running.

LennartBon, 20.09.2014, 00:29
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Problem with synch converter

Hello, I downloaded synch converter wsp solution from the sharepoint 2013 download page. I have a sharepoint 2013 on premise standard server. I installed using command shell and activated solution through admin central. I activated the feature on...
Response from the site administrator
Colin, 14.11.2014
Hi Karl, Synch Converter relies on Word Automation Service - Service Application. You should just need to configure and start it from central admin. Good luck.
Karl Øgaard, 13.11.2014, 21:43
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What is 'Exception raised in LoadLocations :: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.'

Shana Eccles, 20.11.2015, 01:11
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Import content to modern webiste pages of O365

Hi, is it possible to Import Content from Word files to the new Website pages (modern pages) in Office 365? That would be great!
Nadja Schäfer, 23.06.2017, 23:58
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Word to wki online is not publishing a document

With one of the documents we are trying to publish to wiki, is not working. Creates the page but doesn't convert the document. Outcome log also doesn't show anything,
Ali Hasan, 13.02.2018, 02:09
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O365 SharePoint Word To Wiki Lite: What page layout is used?

I'm trying to edit the page layout in SharePoint Designer to add a comment section below the wiki article. However, when I try to edit the page layouts, I cannot identify which one is being used by the Word To Wiki app. Any help you can offer...
Response from the site administrator
Colin, 06.07.2016
Word to Wiki Lite has been designed to work with standard SharePoint wiki pages only which only use a text layout rather than the page layouts that are available with the SharePoint publishing infrastructure and Enterprise Wikis.

If you need to publish Word documents to an Enterprise Wiki then please try Word to Wiki Pro which has many more features than the free version.
StraighterSwing, 30.06.2016, 22:59